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Why Choose Super Green for Fort Wayne Lawn Fertilization Services?

Expertise and Experience

With a decade of experience in the lawn care industry, we understand the unique challenges and needs of Fort Wayne’s lawns. Our team of skilled professionals uses this knowledge to provide the best fertilization solutions tailored to your lawn’s requirements.

High-Quality Fertilizers

At Super Green, we believe in using only the highest quality fertilizers to nourish your lawn. Our products are designed to promote healthy grass growth, improve soil health, and create a robust and vibrant lawn.

Organic Lawn Care

We are committed to environmentally friendly practices. Our organic lawn care approach ensures your lawn stays healthy and green without harmful chemicals. This is better for the environment and safer for your family and pets!

Outstanding Customer Service

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in our glowing reviews. We pride ourselves on offering the best in town services, focusing on personalized care and attention to detail.

Our Lawn Fertilization Process

Initial Lawn Assessment

Our process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your lawn. We evaluate the soil condition, grass type, and any issues your lawn may have. This allows us to create a customized fertilization plan that addresses your lawn’s unique needs.

Customized Fertilization Plan

Based on the initial assessment, we develop a fertilization plan tailored to your lawn. This plan includes the types of fertilizers needed, the application schedule, and any additional treatments required to ensure optimal lawn health.

Regular Fertilizer Applications

We follow a precise schedule to apply the fertilizers at the correct times throughout the growing season. This ensures that your lawn receives the nutrients it needs to thrive year-round.

Ongoing Monitoring and Adjustments

Our job continues after the application! We continuously monitor your lawn’s progress and make any necessary adjustments to the fertilization plan. This proactive approach ensures that your lawn remains healthy and green.

Benefits of Professional Lawn Fertilization

Enhanced Grass Growth

Regular and proper fertilization promotes strong and healthy grass growth. This results in a thicker, greener lawn that is more resistant to weeds and pests.

Improved Soil Health

Fertilization improves soil structure and nutrient content, creating a better environment for grassroots to grow deep and strong.

Weed and Pest Control

A well-fertilized lawn is better equipped to fend off weeds and pests. The dense grass growth makes it difficult for weeds to take root and thrive.

Increased Curb Appeal

A lush, green lawn significantly enhances the overall appearance of your property. It creates a welcoming environment and can even increase your home’s value.

Why Fort Wayne Trusts Super Green

Local Knowledge

As a local business, we understand the specific needs of lawns in Fort Wayne. We know the local climate, soil conditions, and common lawn issues, allowing us to provide the most effective lawn care solutions.

Proven Results

Our satisfied customers and numerous five-star reviews are a testament to the quality of our services. We have a proven track record of transforming lawns into beautiful, green spaces.

Community Commitment

We are proud to serve the Fort Wayne community and are committed to making our city greener and more beautiful. Our organic lawn care practices reflect our dedication to environmental sustainability.

Start Your Fort Wayne Lawn Fertilization Services Today

Super Green is your go-to lawn care expert in Fort Wayne. With our experienced team, high-quality fertilizers, and commitment to organic practices, we guarantee a super green lawn that will be the envy of your neighborhood. Trust us to deliver outstanding lawn care services that make a difference. Start your journey to a super green lawn today!

Schedule Your Lawn Fertilization Services

Contact Super Green Lawn Care today for professional assistance in fertilizing your lawn and achieving a lush, green outdoor space you can be proud of! If you want to learn more about our fertilization services, please contact us today. We would happily answer any of your questions and schedule a free consultation. You can call us here; (260) 444-9020. You can also check out our 80+ Google reviews!

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80+ Reviews

Jennifer Wegman
Weed Control
Read More
Came out and sprayed my yard today! Very very nice guy! I have problems with the neighbors not treating their yard and transferring weeds into my yard and he worked with the neighbors and sprayed their yard for free to help the weed situation in my yard! They were on time and did a great job for a very fair price!!
Sandra Sabic
Weed Control
Read More
Met a member of the team as he was working on another home in my neighborhood. Perfect timing as I was in need of lawn care. He was very friendly and offered to help out with the weeds in my front yard — gave me information about the business— excited to see my yard look as good as the neighbors!
Robert Murphy
Weed Control
Read More
Michael did great job spraying my lawn. He is very polite and courteous. I would recommend him…
Nyein Nwe
Weed Control
Read More
Michael was super friendly and accommodating! He was able to fit me in last minute and did a fantastic job on my front and back yard. Will definitely recommend SuperGreen to everyone I know! Thanks again, Michael!
Amy Jennings
Weed Control, Lawn Care
Read More
We started with Super Green this past spring and could already see improvement in our lawn this summer/fall. Michael is very knowledgeable about what is best for our lawn and will definitely be using Super Green next year!
Charmaine Page
Leaf Pickup
Read More
The service I used was fall leaf pickup, and the yard is so clean that you wouldn’t know there was a leaf fall. I’m very satisfied, great job!
Taylor Feighner
Lawn Care, Lawn Maintenance
Read More
When we finished building our new home and installing a brand new lawn in Summer 2020, we needed serious help with care and maintenance. We reached out to Michael at Super Green Lawn Care, and we're so happy we did. In just 1.5 years, our lawn is thick and green and healthy, thanks to the customized treatments Michel put together, and it's perfectly manicured, thanks to his maintenance services. We've received numerous compliments from neighbors, family and friends — they're all impressed with how far our lawn has come in such a short time. No doubt, we'll be using Super Green Lawn Care for years to come. Love them!
Nicole Brett
Read More
The owner was driving by and saw me out trying to spray my weeds one-by-one. He stopped and offered to spray my yard for free. He told me what he was spraying it with and what he recommended in the future and where to buy it myself. If I wasn't planning on selling my home soon, I'd hire him in an instant!
Elizabeth O'Reilly
Weed Control
Read More
I am looking forward to doing more business with Michael. He is knowledgeable about the our regions lawn and soil needs. I appreciate the dialogue he openly and honestly shares regarding my specific needs. He doesn’t rush the process nor ignore the customers inquiries. He is very willing to get helpful explanations and guidance. I really appreciate having someone like him I can trust. He went the “extra mile” for me, which was a service that wasn’t scheduled, but he helped me, on a hot day, without hesitation. I really appreciate there are people like that around that really care! I would highly recommend Michael and his Team.
Madlynn Robinson
Lawn Mowing & Maintenance
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We love Mike. He always communicated with us, our yard always looked amazing, and I feel it's nicely priced. Especially for me not having to worry about cutting my own lawn. We also had the fertilizer treatment. Our grass was clearly greener than anyone else. When I move to my new house, Super Green will definitely be one of the things I take with me.
Donna Nichols
Lawn Mowing & Maintenance
Read More
We like Super Green lawn service. Whenever we talk to Michael and/or have questions about our lawn, he is very informative. He brings a lot of wisdom to how to continue keeping our lawn green and healthy. We would definitely recommend this service for your Lawncare!
Karel Homrig
Lawn Pest Control, Grass Seeding, Weed Control
Read More
Michael is passionate about lawn care. He is very knowledgeable about the soil we have here and the best seed and fertilizer to use to get the best results. My lawn was newly planted last summer and before I contacted him it was a sea of weeds and crabgrass. The seeding and fertilizing plan he implemented made a huge improvement in the appearance of my lawn by the end of the fall season. I highly recommend him!
Amy Stafford
Grass Seeding, Lawn Mowing & Maintenance
Read More
Michael was very professional and informative. He is very knowledgeable about lawns and passionate about caring for them. He was very responsive and so friendly. I will definitely use his services again and will refer family and friends as well. Truly great customer service!
Sabine Barret
Lawn Mowing & Maintenance
Read More
I was really impressed with these folks. I called them today because my lawnmower broke down. They came out today and mowed my lawn and promise to be back next week because I hired them immediately. The professionalism was outstanding. They explained everything they were going to do. They did what they promised. My yard looks great. And I have plans to use them in the future for more projects that I have in mind.