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Fall Cleanup Tips & Leaf Removal Near Fort Wayne

As the leaves fall in Fort Wayne, it’s time to consider your fall cleanup and leaf removal needs. Super Green is here to make sure your lawn remains pristine and ready for the coming winter. With over 50+ five-star reviews, we are the trusted name in lawn care in Fort Wayne. Today, we will provide valuable tips on preparing your lawn for the cold season and why Super Green is your go-to choice for leaf removal services.

Why Is Fall Cleanup Important?

Fall cleanup isn’t just about making your lawn look neat; it’s a crucial step in maintaining the health of your lawn. Leaves left on your property can create a barrier, preventing necessary sunlight, air, and water from reaching the grass. This can lead to mold, fungi, and other problems that may harm your lawn’s health. 

At Super Green, we understand the importance of proper fall cleanup. Our services ensure your lawn remains lush and vibrant throughout the year. We’ll help you maintain and prepare your landscape for a successful winter.

Our Fall Cleanup Services

Super Green offers comprehensive fall cleanup services tailored to Fort Wayne’s unique climate. Below is a list of our fall cleanup services! 

Leaf Removal

Our team will efficiently remove fallen leaves from your lawn and garden, preventing them from becoming a breeding ground for pests and diseases.

Lawn Aeration

We’ll aerate your lawn, allowing nutrients, air, and water to penetrate the soil, promoting healthy grass growth.

Lawn Mowing

We’ll ensure your grass is cut to the appropriate length before winter to reduce the risk of diseases and improve overall lawn health.


Our specialized fertilization treatments provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to survive the winter and thrive in the spring.


Mulching your flower beds and garden areas will help protect your plants from the harsh winter conditions.

Why Choose Super Green

With Super Green, you’re not just getting your run-of-the-mill lawn care service. Our experienced team has over a decade of lawn care and fertilizer services under our belt! With 50+ five-star google reviews for lawn care in Fort Wayne to back up our great work. 

Choosing The Best Leaf Removal Near Fort Wayne

With fall in full swing, now is the time to schedule your fall cleanup and leaf removal with Super Green. Don’t leave your lawn’s health to chance. Let us take care of it and ensure a beautiful, healthy property next spring. Contact us today to schedule your fall cleanup and experience why we are Fort Wayne’s trusted name in lawn care.

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