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Welcome to Super Green, your trusted provider of pest control services in Fort Wayne. With a commitment to creating healthy, vibrant lawns and ensuring pest-free environments, we offer comprehensive solutions to address your pest control needs. Backed by over 50 positive reviews, our experienced team combines expertise, eco-friendly practices, and exceptional customer service to deliver effective pest control services you can rely on!

Integrated Pest Management Approach

At Super Green, we believe in a holistic approach to pest control. Our integrated pest management (IPM) strategies focus on long-term solutions that eliminate pests and prevent future infestations. We assess your specific pest issues, develop customized treatment plans, and utilize eco-friendly methods to minimize environmental impact while effectively controlling pests.

Comprehensive Lawn Pest Control Services

We offer a wide range of pest control services tailored to your specific needs. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle various common pests, including:


Armyworms are caterpillars that can cause extensive lawn damage by consuming large portions of grass and foliage. Early detection is crucial!


Fleas can infest lawns and pose health risks to both humans and pets.


Billbug larvae feed on grass roots, leading to brown patches and weakened turf.

White Grubs:

White grubs are beetle larvae that can cause significant damage by feeding on grass roots.


Chiggers are tiny mites that cause itchy bites when they attach to human or animal skin.

Sod Webworms:

Sod webworm larvae chew on grass blades, causing brown and thinning lawn patches.

Chinch bugs:

Chinchbugs are small insects that suck sap from grass, leading to yellowed patches in the lawn.


Ticks are arachnids that can carry diseases harmful to humans and pets.


Cutworms are moth larvae that cut off young plants at the base, causing damage to lawns and gardens.


Spittlebugs are small insects that create foam-like structures on grass blades to protect themselves. While their presence is unsightly, they usually don’t cause significant damage to lawns.

Mole Crickets:

Mole crickets tunnel through the soil, damaging grassroots and causing irregular patches on lawns.

Japanese Beetles:

Japanese beetles feed on a wide range of plants, including grass and foliage. 


Whiteflies are small insects that feed on plant sap, leading to yellowing and weakening of the foliage. 


Sowbugs are not harmful to plants but can become a nuisance in large numbers. 

Positive Customer Reviews

With over 50 positive customer reviews, Super Green has earned a reputation for exceptional service and customer satisfaction. We take pride in delivering effective pest control solutions while providing our clients a positive and professional experience.

How We Offer Effective Pest Control

When it comes to effective pest control services in Fort Wayne, Super Green is your best choice! With our integrated pest management approach, comprehensive range of services, including lawn care, and a track record of positive customer reviews, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional results. Say goodbye to unwanted pests and enjoy a healthy, pest-free environment. Contact Super Green today to schedule your pest control consultation and experience our expertise firsthand.

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