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Seeding Your Lawn

When it comes to seeding your lawn there are many things you should consider. Mainly, why type of grass seed (Better Homes and Gardens) or purchasing quality turfgrass (MSU Turfgrass Assoc.) you should use, or what seed mix. Do you need any topsoil to put down with the seed due to poor soil conditions; have you checked your PH to determine if you’ll need any lime or sulfur; what season is best for seed germination, and over-all what are you hoping to achieve for that area needing grass. Will it be a high traffic area, is it a low spot with poor drainage or a high water flow area such as a ditch. Will you be growing grass in a high foot traffic area or an area with no shade? Do you plan on irrigating? And will you slit seed, hydroseed, aerate and over seed or simply till up your seeded areas and broadcast seed? This page should help you figure out what to do with your lawn.